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Cannot access some pages using MS Edge Version 80.0.361.45 (Official build) beta (64-bit)

I am running the dev beta version of Microsoft Edge. Recently I started not being able to access some pages.  Others I can access.  It seems that most of the pages I cannot access require authentication.  I understand there may be issues with the beta and dev version but I want to know if anyone else has seen this issue and knows the resolution?   Uninstall and install a more stable version? Apply a KB fix? I included the error page.

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Why you are not installing the final version of Microsoft Edge ?
Kidney find the below link to download:

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The beta version I have is a developers' version. It updates every week and is newer than the Final Release.  The latest update was 1/31/2020.

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I have been using the non-beta version here since it became available, and haven't gotten very many of those type errors.  Some things I have seen blocked are usually due to my router, which I recently upgraded and now includes Intrusion Protection.

Are any of the sights you are seeing this on public sites that you could share a link too, I'd be happy to try it here and see if I also get that message.


See if you get prompted to log in to this site or get the "Hmm... can't reach this page"


I reinstalled the release version, and I get the same results.

It errors out, with a timeout "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT".

But I get the same result in Chrome or Firefox also...


It's interesting because I can access that page and others that give the same error in Internet Explorer.

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I was also able to get to the site via "" and "". One other issue is when I do sign in, it makes me authenticate twice. It is not supposed to do that. Other browsers do not cause that issue.  When looking with Developer Tools, it seems that something is going on with the cookies.  I'm awarding @Bill Prew the answer, but additional information might be of value if there is a followup on the double authentication part.