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Windows XP can´´ t connect samba share

All computers using  windows XP are not  connecting with samba share. Others SO are connecting fine..
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Are you using SMBv1?
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how can I check it ?
If Samba isn't configured to use SMBv1 then Windows XP will not connect to it.

Keep in mind however, using SMBv1 is a really REALLY bad idea due to security issues
how can I check it ?

You'll have to check your config

However if you have a machine accessing a share running

sudo smbstatus

Open in new window

from within your samba server (assuming it's Linux based) should provide the information

You will also need to make sure SMB1.0 is activated on the Windows XP PC's

The 2nd post will walk you through it
It was time to get rid of XP 10 years ago.  If you must use them, they should only run on that internal network.  You should not let these systems have access to the internet.  The linux SAMBA system should also be isolated once you enable smbv1
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Thanks for all