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How to you forward an incoming fax on an HP 300 MFP to an email address?

J.R. Sitman
J.R. Sitman asked
When a fax is received on an HP 300-400 MFP how do I set it to print and forward to an email address?   Currently, it only prints
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Depending on your device, try this: 


Carefully go through all the steps. If your HP software does NOT contain Digital Fax, try downloading it again from the HP site. After a full install, still no Digital Fax? Then it's not supported.

Please note, there are many versions. Some CANNOT print AND save to folder (no I didn't forget you wanted it on the email, but some just didn't have this function, save to folder was all you could do). It's either one.

Some save to folder and nothing else (you have to write your own forward to email program).

Some do forward to email, but then still no print (since it was meant to SAVE PAPER).

Therefore, even if your device supports Digital Fax, it might still not suite your needs.

J.R. SitmanIT Director


Thanks, this is helpful.