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Unable to view pictures as small icons?

When I select small icons in the view tab of my pictures folder to view my pictures all I see is a listing of the photos Unlike the other 3 options Medium, Large, and Extra Large which display the pictures as it suppose to do. Why is this happening? How can this be fixed?

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Basem Khawaja, R.Ph.
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was there a windows update  recently?
or an install of software?  
then try a systemr estore ot  a date it was ok
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Just 1 question. If that is the case why did MS bother with placing this size then as an option when in fact to view as small icons is the same as sort by list? Because that's how it shows up as.
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Small icons view and List view are two different display options using the same placeholder icons, List view compresses the amount of space required to display the files to a minimum, it uses the same icons for each file as the small icons setting, just arranges them more efficiently.   If you switch between the views you'll see that they are not the same thing.
Ok MASQ. Thank you.
Thank you MASQ.