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Network folder permissions issue which affects just one Windows 10 PC

Hi, I have a strange permissions issue which is affecting one Windows 10 PC only. It seems to be an OS issue more than a user permissions issue. There is one folder on a windows 2012 network share which it cannot access, ie doesn't have permissions. Which ever Domain user I log in as on this particular PC its the same. If I log in on another PC I can access it fine so it doesn't seem to be a permissions issue on the server. All users are members of the group which can access this particular folder which is a child of a parent folder of which it has inherited the permissions. I've refreshed the permissions just in case. I don't really want to rebuild the PC. Any clues as to why this would be happening on this particular PC?

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Nick Smith

8/22/2022 - Mon
Zaheer Iqbal

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Pete Long

Whats your build number on this machine? Is it trying to connect on SMB1 and getting refused?

Nick Smith

That fixed it, Many thanks, It was driving me crazy!
Zaheer Iqbal

Excellent good to hear it sorted ;)

@PeteLong how you doing longtime ;)

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William Peck
Nick Smith

Hi, The user has returned from holiday and started writing to this particular path on the server. After about 2 minutes, windows blue screened with a Kernel security check failure.
This continued to happen until I reverted the reg change which also meant that particular folder is now unavailable again.

I was unable to clear C:\Windows\CSC using method two so i did the reg change. There is still a folder called V2.06 in there. Changing ownership still didn't allow me to remove that folder.

Any other recommendations? That folder should be clear regardless of the reg change right?
Zaheer Iqbal

after reg change a restart is this should clear the CSC.

Nick Smith

When I took ownership of the folder using option 2 I got a Failed to enumerate objects in the container error so I was unable to delete the folder inside so I went for option 1.
Making the reg change didn't clear the folder on reboot but did allow me to get into the folder on the server but at the cost of the blue screen. So it could be the permissions on that folder which are causing the issue?
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