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SharePoint Server 2019 Install Issue

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2020-02-04
I recently installed SharePoint Server 2019 (and all pre-requisites) on a Windows 2016 Server OS with no errors; however, when the Product Configuration Wizard finished and attempted to automatically open Farm Configuration Wizard under Central Administration web page (//_admin/adminconfigintro.aspx?scenarioid=adminconfig&welcomestringid=farmconfigurationwizard_welcome), it will not accept any login combination, i.e. the SPAdmin, SPFarm, nor my Enterprise Admin account which I used to install SharePoint.  I've verified the passwords for all, none are locked and they are all in the "Farm Administrator's" group (which I found thru searches on a very similar issue).  I'm able to go in to SharePoint Central Admin thru the Start menu and accepts my login; however, when I click on "Configuration Wizards", it displays "Farm Configuration" and an icon, but neither are an actual link to click on.  Any assistance is appreciated!!
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After continuing to do some more research, I found a simple solution.  I did a "Run as Administrator" on Internet Explorer and pasted the link in and the Farm Configuration Wizard started.  Frustrating as this is not mentioned in any install guide and is an automatic process that is started upon completion of the install...and this was found as an issue way back with SharePoint 2010....really MS???