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Repartitioning a dual boot computer so that the Linux partition is smaller

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Tek Info asked
A computer has a Linux Mint installation and a Windows 10 installation - in dual boot.
Currently there is not enough space with the current portioning size to install Office 365 on the Windows partition.
Therefore the Linux partition has to be made smaller.
How can this be done?
Thanks in advance.
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ste5anSenior Developer

I would throw hardware at this problem.. and install a second disk for Linux.
Software Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018

Normally you cannot shrink paritiotions (for ANY operating system).

You can make a backup of the Linux partition(s) (using Linux tooling) best done while booted from a CD/DVD.

(backup to some USB disk f.e.).  Using tar, cpio etc.

Then delete the partition and repartition the disk according to whishes.

The create the linux partition again and restore the Linux backup. 

Are you sure you want to do this?... another disk for Linux and moving the data there is probably easier.

Robert RComputer Service Technician

if office 365 cant install due to insufficient space, increasing your partition size by taking it from the Linux partition is only a temporary fix as you will soon run out of hard drive space just to run the apps installed on the windows partition. Most likely your hard drive is also used for virtual memory to run apps when the ram is full. If your hard drive is almost full this will always be a problem causing your system to run slower. You need to upgrade as other contributors to this thread have suggested install another drive and have one run linux and the other windows, or buy a larger hard drive that has plenty of space to run both operating systems.
Deleted and reinstalled.