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Video driver for HP Elitebook 8540P

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Last Modified: 2020-02-19
Where can I find an updated Nvidia graphics driver for an HP Elitebook 8540P?  We recently upgraded from Win7Pro to Win10Pro and the laptop keeps having issues with the multiple monitor set up.  We use a "Plugable" brand USB adapter for one external monitor and the VGA port for another external monitor.  Two of the screens will randomly go black. If we restart the laptop, it works fine...for a while.

I did go to Plugable's site and downloaded their updated driver. I went to HP to see if there are newer drivers, but their site said there are no newer drivers.

Also happening with this laptop, the VPN connection keeps disconnecting. Will do it like 10 times a day. We are using the built in VPN connection. No other computers in this office are doing that, only the laptop and only since we upgraded to Win10Pro.
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nVidia 341.49 with the AMD FirePro Mobile (v8.911.3.4) seem to work best for graphics
But might be worth investigating this post from someone who has successfully updated to Win 10 against the odds from HP(!)
Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISO
I've personally never had an issue upgrading HP EliteBooks to Windows 10. We have over 100 of them in our environment. In my experience, it honestly depends on the installer you use. However, considering the age of your model (second generation that went EoS in 2016 and is also End of Support), I don't imagine graphics being your biggest problem down the road. Have you tried running the Nvidia control panel in compatibility mode?

Re: your VPN connection, what software are you using? Is it just the Windows VPN? It could very well be that your laptop's firmware simply will not support it on the Windows 10 architecture. We've run into this problem with a few of the older generation laptops.