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Grub issue when starting computer

A dual boot computer, Windows and Linux, ..
In Windows the LInux computer's partition was deleted.
Now when the computer tried to load it looks for the Linux Grub..
how can this be repaired?  So that it will boot into Windows?
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Grub boot loader stage one is in the mbr boot record and chains boot a secondary loader in a different partition : the linux one.

You can restore the partition

you can use a livecd to recreate an adequate small extwhatever or fat partition, temporarily mount it into /boot and reintall grub

You can use a windows live or install cd and repair the windows boot sequence
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Boot from the Install disk > Choose keyboard and click Next > Use recovery tools… and click Next > choose Command Prompt
bootrec /fixmbr

Open in new window

(writes mbr but does not overwrite partition table)
 bootrec /fixboot 

Open in new window

(writes new boot sector to system partition)
bootrec /rebuildbcd 

Open in new window

(scans for other OS’s, unlike rebuildbcd it allows you to select the OS’s you want to add to bcd)
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It is very common to install grub in it's own partition of between 100-500MB.

(only kernels are stored there),  and this partition to be mounted as /boot.