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Website / Email outage - -If so How long?

Goraps asked
I am trying to confirm if there will be a EMAIL / WEBSITE outage due to making changes to DNS provider / changing WHOIS tech contact or any other unforseen changes

  • website domain is xyz.com DNS managed by MNSI.NET and currently hosted by go daddy

  • Email domain is also xyz.com hosted by office 365 and emails MX record hit barracuda email security cloud service first

  • We are launching a new website no longer going to be hosted by go daddy and DNS hosted by a different provider other than MNSI.NET

What can cause a outage to EMAIL and or website with what we are going?
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Enterprise Business Process Architect
Ensure the entire DNS zone file is properly moved to the new provider - the new and old providers should be able to assist with this work.
The new provider should test all entries in the DNS zone file to ensure all are live and functional and notify you of any entries which do not work as expected.

Do you have any other DNS zones which forward to this new zone?  If so, are those being moved as well?
The old provider to new provider cutover should present no outage as long as there is a period of overlap between the old provider holding the authoritative records to the new provider holding the authoritative records.

Changing DNS contacts should never cause any kind of outage.
Hemil AquinoNetwork Security Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018

Hi there,

There's no such thing as a website for outage as far as I concern, You need to have skills to determine if a site went down. The issues vary, for example.

1- DDOS attack.
2- Cluster Down.
3- DNS forwarding issues.
4- TDL issues (that never happens but no bad to put it here)
5- Routing issues (load balancing, DNS round robbing, bad cache.

Again, the issue varies.

Something you can do is look for that particular website, see if you can telnet to it, try to ping it. Do a Nslookup find the name server that belongs to, see if the registrar is having issues, give them a call. Again, the problem might vary.
Changing DNS contacts should never cause any kind of outage.

No, but not updating relevant IP changes in your DNS record sure will

Did you verify the IP information in your DNS was updated properly to reflect the service changes?

DNS - New host/provider
DOMAIN - New host
Mail Servers - If you changed these too