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Migrate DC to new server

ManieyaK_ asked
Whats the best way to migrate our DC to another server?
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Backup the existing DC; build the new server; install Windows Server; use DCPromo to make the server a Domain Controller; move the FSMO roles to the new server; demote the old server.

As a very important footnote: It's an extremely good idea to have more than one DC.  It's an extremely good idea to do frequent backups of your DCs.

Whats the best way to migrate our DC to another server?

You don't migrate DC's, you promote new DC's and transfer the roles. What Paul says but also consider that because it looks like you have a single DC most likely you have a single IP that is used by clients for DNS, etc. So you will want to repurpose that IP on the new server, or update all the clients to the new IP.

System Administrator
Distinguished Expert 2018
In a short way:
1. Check the current state of your domain - use DCDIAG command and make sure the DC passes all the tests
2. Raise domain and forest functional level if neccessary
3. Promote a new server (dcpromo.exe)
4. Transfer FSMO roles
ntdsutil: roles
fsmo maintenance: connections
server connections: connect to server <new_server>
server connections: q
fsmo maintenance: Transfer domain naming master
fsmo maintenance: Transfer infrastructure master
fsmo maintenance: Transfer PDC
fsmo maintenance: Transfer RID master
fsmo maintenance: Transfer schema master

Open in new window

5. Double-check DNS settings
6. Demote the olde one + remove the server form ADSS

If you need step by step tutorial, there are many on YouTube. If you prefer an article:

Note: Reboots will be required during the process.