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Keeping profiles intact when moving workstations to new domain

Hi! I have an office moving workstations to a DIFFERENT domain server than the one on which they are today. They cannot migrate in the traditional manner. Active Directory in the new domain existed, and we just added these users. All the settings on the new server are rockin'. We would like to maintain the workstations' profiles/settings while getting them on the new domain. Is there a piece of software that will preserve files and settings after settling a user to a new domain?
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Look at the Forensit products profile wizard and profile migration wizard.
They may do what you want.
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look at USMT?

what settings are you looking to preserve besides the data?

Have not used the suggested tool CSIPC provided but have seen several mentions here.

To avoid importing/including something ...
why not let the users get a new profile and configure as they see fit, while you can copy the data files in.


I'm not sure what USMT is, but I'll Google it. The primary users have specified they want their profiles exactly the same. However, I've heard about Forensit before, so I may give that a shot.