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Steps to deploy Win 10 upgrades using SCCM v. 1902

My organization is currently using SCCM version 1902.

We have some Windows 7 machines and Windows 10 initial install machines that both need to be upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10 using SCCM.

All of these computers are joined to the Active Directory domain and have the SCCM client installed.

SCCM is currently configured to load the latest Windows 10 operating system to computers and virtual machines using PXE boot. Now we need to upgrade these existing Windows operating systems to Windows 10.

What are the steps to upgrading these existing operating systems to the most current version of Windows 10?

SCCM Operating Systems
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Prajwal Desai's information about this process is really useful:


But from my experience its never that easy. Usually you have a bunch of incompatible hardware, software and drivers that may block the upgrade.
I'd recommend to add a step that verifies the upgrade compatibility (within an extra step "Upgrade Operating System" - tick "compatibility scan without performing upgrade").

Also update SCCM to the latest version 1910 and deploy the accompaning SCCM client.