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Cannot see objects in the Navigation Pane

I have two Access databases I created about five years ago. One has the tables called Master.  The other is linked to the Master.  Recently, when I open the Master all the objects in the Navigation Pane are not displaying.  My initial thought is that they are hidden, so I went to Navigation Options to ensure "Show Hidden Objects" were selected an that did not work.  I know the objects are still there because I can create a new query and I see all the tables.  The linked databases are also functioning just fine.  How do I resolve this issue.  I will attach the file if you need to see it to answer this question.  Thanks Julie
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My guess is that you are filtered to a specific object type.
A screenshot of what the nav pane looks like (especially the top part) would be usefull.
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That smell corruption.

Save a copy of your database, and import everything into a new one.

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Make sure you tick "Show system Objects" as well as hidden.

If a table is named prefixed with usys or msys, it will be considered a "system" table.

Also there is a hidden attribute that can be set on the table, which might make it disappear.


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Any chance
  • You have code that hides Navigation Pane
  • You have unchecked the "Show Navigation Pane" option in File (tab) --> Options-->Current Database


Thanks for all the ideas.  After looking at each answer, I created a new database and imported all the objects.  The new database is working great!  I super appreciated all the possible solutions AND the quick response time.