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software requirement specifications-SRS and functional design document

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Last Modified: 2020-02-10
Dear Experts

while implementing CRM/ERP what exactly meant by  software requirement specification( SRS), what is next step is it functional requirement design and then technical specification, can you please help to understand each of these and which comes first, thanks in advance.
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You always start with a problem statement -- what, exactly, are you trying to do.

Then, you can do the requirements document, which explains the requirements of a solution, which will include functional requirements and technical requirements. This will includes things like where it will run, expected performance metrics, language, and more.

 Once all parties agree on the requirements of a valid solution, you can start building the specifications documents and design docs which will layout screenshots, dialog boxes, text for prompts, and the like.

Once you get agreement on this you can start building documentation and test scripts, and(usually) start coding in parallel.
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Bill Bach did a good job summarizing.  Like most things in software engineering there is typically not just one way to do things, and this topic is no exception.  Most organizations start with the same high level approach (once they decide on waterfall versus iterative or agile approaches) but then tailor the process and documents to their organization and needs.

Rather than type a large post here with some of my thoughts I looked for a few online references that might be worth a look.  The topic is pretty broad, so hard to find good summaries.  If you really want to dig deep look for the "BABOK" topic (Business Analysis Book of Knowledge) as it has a lot of useful info on these topics (but it quite large).

Here are a few references that might help you understand a little better. The second one actually contains quite a bit of useful info, but you will have to follow the links (or just page through with "Next") to pull together what interests you.  But I liked their format and content reasonably well.  The first and last were attempts to find info that related more to your specific question, hopefully you will know a little more after reading these than you did before.