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windows search not working

windows search does not work on windows 10.  JUst get black box on desktop
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Daniel Pineault

Funny you post this, I am experiencing the exact same thing.
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Works fine for me

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Are your updates up to date?
Seems to be a new feature!  :-)

You're not alone, it would seem to be yet another Windows 10 bug!  see:

There have been several problems with windows search and the start menu search in the past months - all officially resolved. Please tell us what build you run (what's the output of the command winver?) The latest is 18363.628

If not on the latest, let windows search for updates.

I can confirm that the registry hack, mentioned in the article and in oBdA's reply, does resolve the problem.
Yes, reporting that there is a problem with Bing causing the issue. Disable the web search portion via registry.

Hey all, "me too".  I read stuff on the web about changing the registry. That gave me a work around but then cut off cortana from working. What was weird is I just had an update after this issue happened. Then by chance I checked for an update again and sure enough there it was. 

 I am now on OS Build 18363.628. I changed   CortanaConsent back to 1 from 0 and now that part is back to normal.

Thank you for sharing Scott.

Daniel, that article you pointed to was the first in my search, then I saw which was more straight to the point. However, it was just a short term hack that didn't really fix the real issue which was getting to the most current build as McKnife pointed out.

No, I didn't point that out.

Story is: in the office, we are on the latest build for a week (18363.628) already and did not have that problem today. At home, I am on the same build and I had that problem 5 hours ago. Why is that? Because at work, our computers don't have a direct internet connection - bing search servers cannot be contacted! Those were the problem, not the build.

Microsoft corrected it a few hours later - no update needed, not reg hack needed, you just had to wait.

(sure, the reg hack disabled bing search, that's why it was effective as a workaround).

Interesting.  Also disappointing that MS doesn't have things setup to work if their systems are unreachable.

McKnife, are you saying that it was just dumb luck that I saw the fix and not the update?

The time some people updated to .628 might have been while MS fixed it at their end.

As said: home, .628 had the problem at 5 pm GMT and didn't have it any longer at 10 pm GMT, nothing done in between, machine was off.

At work, none of our 50+ workstations at .628 had the problem (start menu is used heavily), since, as said, they have no internet access and couldn't reach the faulty bing.

Just for the sake of completeness, an article has just been published about this problem here:

Windows 10 Search Bar Results Shows Black Square

Regards, Andrew