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How to use Diskspd IO tester

Jim Youmans
Jim Youmans asked
I am trying to use Diskspd to check the IO on my SQL Server 2012 server running Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is set up to have the data files on the E: drive and the log files on the F: drive.  What I don't understand is how to make it check a given disk.  Does it automatically check SQL to see what drives SQL uses or does it just run on the drive from where it is located?  I looked at the documentation but don't see that mentioned.  Anyone know the answer?  Thank you

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diskspd [options] target1 [ target2 [ target3 ...] ]

 Test targets can be regular files (e.g. C:\testfile.dat), partitions (e.g. C:), or physical drives (e.g. #1)

here you have a small instructions that will get you up and running that is very similar to your setup https://www.howtogeek.com/110689/how-to-stress-test-the-hard-drives-in-your-pc-or-server/
What is it you are trying to prove? that your disks are under performing, or that your config is not optimal?

What does your disk config look like? are you using Spining Rust or SSD's?