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Problem with IMAP via GoDaddy - Email disappearing.

Ian Price
Ian Price asked
•      User 1 sent an email to a client 3rd Feb at 10:16am and copied her colleague in
•      User 1 then went to retrieve the email from sent to file in the client folder she has set up
•      Email is not in sent folder
•      Email is not in trash
•      When User 1 searches for the email on her outlook or in Go Daddy it is not there anywhere

Also go an issue with emails not moving to folder

Any advice or guidance would be great

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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2019

The only way to make a clear determination is to review your IMAP server logs (likely Dovecot) from the time period in question.

If your IMAP server is setup to log sufficient verbosity, a simple log review will explain what happened.
Ian PriceIT Manager


Hi David,

Excuse my ignorance
Dovecot is software?

IMAP is gmail where would I find the logs?

Fractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2019
Dovecot is one of the most common IMAP server implementations.

All logs live in /var/log/* normally.

Note: Gmail != GoDaddy

First you mentioned GoDaddy, now Gmail. No similarity. If the problem is mail missing from Gmail, check your DMARC reports to make sure the mail was actually delivered... or guess it was delivered...

Be sure to search all of Gmail (including all tabs + SPAM) to ensure the mail hasn't just been categorized oddly.

You will never see a Gmail IMAP log... unless your work for Google... maintaining their IMAP servers...

Note: If mail sent does not appear in the sent folder, check the drafts folder.

Sometimes is there's a send problem, the only copy of a message will be in the drafts folder.

Suggestion: Likely best if you attempt to duplicate this problem, which might give clues about nature of the problem.

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