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HP LaserJet 400 MFP M425dn Can Receive Faxes to Computer Folder in Windows 7 But Not in Windows 10

K_Wilke asked
Hello all,
I have a client that I migrated their computer from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.
No issues there.
The issue is with the HP LaserJet 400 MDP M425dn printer that they have.
It is connected via USB and prints out beautifully.
The trouble is with faxing.  We can fax out fine and receive faxes fine.  When the computer was Windows 7 we ran the Digital Fax Wizard that HP provided and when the faxes were received they would go to a folder on the computer.
With Windows 10 we downloaded the latest full driver and there is no Digital Fax Wizard or HP Assistant (no not the support assistant) installed with the software like with Windows 7.  There is zero options to receive a fax on the computer through the printer.
Did HP do away with this in Windows 10?  Or is there a trick to get it to work?
If HP did do away with this, is there any software that we can use that will do the same thing (once a fax is received it is immediately sent to a folder on the computer and not printed out).
Thank you in advance,
Kelly W.
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The full solution is from 2015, after which they obviously didn't want to spend more money keeping their software up to date.

There's a chance if you force it to work (probably hacking the software), it might install but either not work, or break Windows.

It's also a proprietary protocol between the software and the fax. And probably it was never that popular of a software, hence no one from either the open source or paid community thought of writing their own piece of software.

If it's that important, try an eFax service instead (obviously, it will be subscription based)


Abdul...you did not fully read my question...I downloaded the latest driver of the full package from here:
It is 106 meg.
The install does NOT come with Printer Assistant or Solution Tool that has the HP Digital Fax Solution.
So where does one get the printer assistant or solution tool from?


Not. Since HP didn't spend money developing it for an "old" printer.


So are you saying that if this was a newer HP LaserJet that the software would have this capability for Windows 10, but due to it's age HP doesn't have it?

Yes, for instance, HP PageWide Pro 477dw, with their software dated late 2019 (hence full Win10 support)


Exactly what I need to know...good enough for the people I know.