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cleansing data with google sheets or ms excel?

I am new to using google sheets. I have used them on a basic level in the past to organize family trips, etc. I am working with a company that is using google sheets to cleanse data. I have always used ms excel. Is sheets as robust for this - can you use power query? Would you recommend taking the data from sheets and saving to excel then use excel to cleanse?
Also I have always exported ms excel into mysql after cleansing. Would I do the same with google sheets?
Thanks in advance.
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I don't know what sort of data cleansing you are doing but you'll find that most functions that are available in Excel are also available in Google sheets, or at least have close equivalents.

There might even be some functions that aren't available in Excel that could be useful for cleansing data, for example REGEXEXTRACT, REGEXREPLACE.

As for Power Query, you can apparently use a Google spreadsheet as a source, see here.

Mind you, it might be easier to download from Google to CSV/Excel and use that as the source.
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You should also look at Open Refine.  It originated with Google.