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Hp M375 scanner no longer connected

We changed our internet provider and I had to reinstall the printer m375 MFP.   I did a full install on the server and twice on one of the computers.   The printer and scanner install with no errors, but the scanner cannot communicate.   The error states it cannot communicate.  It states to change the IP address if the printer was reinstalled.  
The IP address for the new printer is correct and the printer prints correctly
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Joe Winograd
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Hi JR,

Sometimes the IP address is set correctly for printing but not for scanning. To check this, first read this EE article:

Scanners and Cameras Applet in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

After running Scanners and Cameras as shown in the article, select your HP MFP M375, click the Properties button, then the Network Setting tab. If the correct IP address is not in there, that's likely the problem...enter it there. Regards, Joe
Do you scan to email? In that case, as you changed your ISP, the scanner needs to be set up to reflect the new server info (POP3 SMTP, authentication, etc).
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using your article I was able to find the scanner.   However, when I click on properties it states the scanner cannot be found.  

No we do not scan to email.
What version of Windows?
10.   The printer and scanner were perfectly fine before we changed our internet provider
More questions:

(1) I don't have that device...does it have a front panel with a menu for settings? If so, make sure the IP address is correct there.

(2) What scanning software are you using? HP Scan? Acrobat? PaperPort? Some other third-party scanning software?

(3) What scanning driver(s)? TWAIN? WIA? WIA2?

(4) Have you tried the Full Software and Drivers package? If not, I suggest trying that. Here's the link to it at the HP site:

Regards, Joe
Yes it has a front panel display. I manually enter the IP address. the software uses for the scanner is installed when you install it with the full package. I don't know what drivers using Twain or WIA I don't know
Are you using a static IP address?

Is it connected to the network via wired or wireless?
A basic question: when it was working, with the old ISP, did you initiate the scan from the PC (using scanning software), or from the printer's control panel (using "scan to folder")? If the latter, go through the steps shown in this HP support document.
yes static.  Yes wired network.  

When it was working all I did was install the Full package on each computer and it worked fine.   e.g. the scanning software that is built into the installation package.  

I will check the support document you sent tomorrow.

Maybe your new ISP is blocking the static IP address. Check the gateway/router (or whatever device your new ISP provided) to allow that IP address. This is unlikely since printing works, but still worth checking.

Also, check your W10 Windows Defender Firewall settings. Make sure the incoming connection to your scanning app is not being blocked (although I would expect the HP installer to offer to allow it). This is the more likely culprit, since it is app-dependent, so printing could be working while the scanning app is blocked.

Another thought...maybe your new ISP is using anti-virus software that is blocking the scanning app (some ISPs are now providing free A-V as part of its service, such as McAfee or Norton).
When I use the HP print and scan doctor, it fails at "Windows WIA scan"  but does not provide any details.

I disabled Windows firewall as a test and it still fails.
Is there a 3rd party software you think I should try?
I don't think that third-party software will help. The issue seems to be that the scanner component of the MFP is not getting assigned an IP address, although the printer component is.

Here's an idea. Go into Device Manager. There's a section called Imaging devices and a section called Printers. Expand both sections...does the MFP show up in both sections? It should.

Also, try this. Run the built-in Paint app, then click File, then From scanner or camera. You should get a Select Device dialog. Is your MFP in there? It should be.
It is in Imaging but not in Printers.   It is in Devices and Printers.   The Paint app cannot find it either.
> It is in Imaging but not in Printers.

Are you sure? I was expecting the opposite. What happens when you right-click on it and then click Properties?
I'm positive.   Properties state device is working properly.    Note on another computer it has it in both.
I just did a scan directly from the printer to a Network folder and it works.
I suppose that means it's a software issue...drivers, scanning software, Windows.

What happens when you put its static IP address in a browser?
Using static IP I can open the printer and view all the settings.   That's how I created the scan to network folder.
When you install the HP Full Software and Drivers package on a W10 computer, does the installer ask for the static IP address?
It gives me the choice to scan the Network or enter the IP.   I've installed it using both methods.
I wonder if it's W10-related. Do you have a W7 system that you can try it on?
It was working on 5 Win 10 computers until we switched internet providers.   Not sure why that would cause the problem but it is the only network change.

I suggest I close this as "unresolved"
> I suggest I close this as "unresolved"

Works for me, as I'm fresh out of ideas.
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J.R. Sitman
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