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Outlook for Ipan does not offer print function for a Word attachement on IPAD Pro

Hello - we have a retired CEO who insists on using an IPAD Pro (2018) for accessing company email and we're at a loss when it doesn't work right or has glitches.  His current issue is when he uses Outlook for Ipad to open up a Word attachment, and then he wants to print it, he does not see a print option - just a "Done" on the left, and a Share icon on the right.  so when he clicks the share icon, it closes the app and takes him to his Home screen.  This seems like a glitch to me.  I checked his IOS level and he is on 13.1.3 I believe, which I think is up to date.  Anyone know what is going on?  

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8/22/2022 - Mon