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Outlook for Ipan does not offer print function for a Word attachement on IPAD Pro

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2020-06-02
Hello - we have a retired CEO who insists on using an IPAD Pro (2018) for accessing company email and we're at a loss when it doesn't work right or has glitches.  His current issue is when he uses Outlook for Ipad to open up a Word attachment, and then he wants to print it, he does not see a print option - just a "Done" on the left, and a Share icon on the right.  so when he clicks the share icon, it closes the app and takes him to his Home screen.  This seems like a glitch to me.  I checked his IOS level and he is on 13.1.3 I believe, which I think is up to date.  Anyone know what is going on?  

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Are your retired CEO using Office 365 Exchange Online?

If yes, try to reset account in Outlook for iOS.

Reset accont
Settings -> click the account under Email accounts -> Scroll to the bottom and click Reset Account button

If no, you can try to share the word attachment to File app (“Save to Files” icon) and there is a print button there.

Save to Files
Damian GardnerIT Admin


Thanks for your help guys.

Masq - he is using whatever is built in to the IPad - he is using the Exchange Online account to open his email, and then when he goes to open the Word attachement, it opens up in a native Word app I believe.  Since it is an IPad, I can only watch on his screen remotely, through a broadcase Teamviewer session.  When I see him open the attachment, he just sees the "Done" on left side, and the share icon on the right top side.  I'll have him try your suggestion and will let you know what happens.  thanks!

Jackie - he is using an Exchange Online (thru Office 365 account), so yes we could try resetting the account.  Thank you for that, and standby.

Thank you!
Damian GardnerIT Admin


sorry guys - totally forgot to come back on this one.  i believe it was Masq's suggestion that worked, but i'm awarding you both points.  thank you!
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