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Crystal Reports: Why Did the Name of the Object Not Change


I made a copy of a Crystal report.  I needed to change this copy to point to a different SQL table than the other report.  I was able to use Set Datasource Location, to do so.

In the copied report, the connection now points to the table that I want it to point to.  But, in "Database Fields", the table name is the same as that of the "previous" table.

And, the "old" report continues to pull data from the correct table.

Really, both reports are pulling data from their correct respective tables. That's good.  

But, why does the copied report still display the name of the "previous" table?


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Try doing a VERIFY DATABASE under the DATABASE menu.

Crystal uses positional logic to get the fields and not the names so it may just leave them alone.

Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP Consultant

This is a really annoying "feature" in Crystal Reports. As far as I know it's been there forever. I wrote a blog post detailing the issue and how to fix it almost 10 years ago , but it's still valid today with newer versions of Crystal Reports. Here is a link to the blog if you want to read the whole thing: https://victoriayudin.com/2010/07/20/renaming-tables-in-crystal-reports/.

In short, you can rename what Crystal Reports shows as the SQL object name with the following steps:

  • Open the Database Expert (Database > Database Expert) and right click on the SQL table in the list on the right under Selected Tables
  • Choose Rename
  • Type in the new table name
  • Click OK - you will see the updated table name in the Field Explorer right away