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What is the recommendation for regular maintenance on LHC on XenApp 7.15?

jnordeng asked
We are running XenApp 7.15 on Windows 2016 sitting behind Storefront and Netscaler.

While finishing up the configuration, I am looking into the LHC.  In the past,(XenApp 6.5)  we had a scheduled task to run dsmaint compactdb/lb daily.  In reading, I see that the LHC is still present, but with the new architecture and Delivery controllers in reading it doesn't necessarily sound like this is a recommended maintenance item to do unless I plan to force an outage.  However; maybe I'm misinterpreting.  This is the article I'm reading, https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenapp-and-xendesktop/7-15-ltsr/manage-deployment/local-host-cache.html.

Any insight as to what you do in your farms?

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I don't know anything about database maintenance with XA7.xx.

but ... Why do you run compactdb/lb every day?

This only works with Access-based database and datastore is unavaileble this time?

Access-Db may be grown, because dynamic data is written and deleted many times.

SQL can handle this.  

If you see an LHC size >1,5 GB you should compact the LHC-DB. but the command is " compactdb /l hc"

Because LHC is SQL-based today too, there is no compact-job for this.





XenApp 6.5 is also using an external SQL Database.  However; I didn't set that one up, so might be left-over from before that.  

Thanks for the clarification.  I won't duplicate this step in the new environment.