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AD FS .corp domain and .net certificate

    I'm deploying a new Windows 2012 R2 server for the sole purpose of AD FS.  My only use case for AD FS at this point is to setup SSO with an application we use.  I'm good with the install portion of the AD FS role but my question comes in with my domain being a .corp and the certificate I'm planning on using is a wildcard cert with a .net suffix.  During the Active Directory Federation Services Configuration Wizard when you get to the Specify Service Properties it asks you for the SSL Certificate, Federation Service Name and Federation Service Display Name.

I hit the drop down for SSL Certificate and pick mydomain.net.

Federation Service Name I put adfs.mydomain.net or adfs.mydomain.corp?

Any thoughts are appreciated....
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Sr. Systems Administrator

The Federation Service name must match the Public Certificate name in order to work properly


My apologies for the delay but Jeff I did config that way and was able to access the test page from the outside.  Thanks,