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Any info for EAGLE ERP software

Chuck Lowe
Chuck Lowe asked
I had an interview for a job recently. The people are not tech savvy. They said they have EAGLE ERP system. It runs on either DOS or Windows and mentioned it was originally written for the AS400. I tied to do a web search for EAGLE and find out what language it is written in either for DOS or Windows or what it was on the AS400. There are a few websites but they don't say much. Does anyone know anything about this software? I have a second interview and want to impress them by knowing something about this software.

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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2019

Probably it was written on Cobol or Clipper or RPG
I did a search but nothing came back..
Normally you should be able at least to create a "bridge" between the data files and your programming platform....
Interesting case this legacy(ancient) ERPs....
My guess is that this is direct competition with Oracles system.
PathGuide’s Latitude WMS has partnered with Epicor’s Eagle ERP for a full-featured integration of the two systems. The Eagle side manages your back office while Latitude WMS takes care of your warehouse.

You can find more info here on Eagle Erp.



Thanks for the answers. Being on the AS400 I figured it may have been originally written in RPG or Cobol which I have programmed in both. RPGII being my first real job. I asked the consultant who I am replacing for any info about the product. When I get an answer I will post it here.
I'm waiting for the consultant to get back to me. Thanks for your feedback.