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How can Electrical, Electronic, and embedded software engineers stay current with developments in automotive industry?

What sources can be utilized to stay current with developments in automotive systems such as hybrid, electric, self-driven, and Advance Drive Assist Systems(ADAS) ?

What sources can be used to learn previous and current automotive systems such as gasoline cars?

If Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE) and Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE) are good learning resources, how to filter relevant information from these sources?

Please provide information relevant to Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Engineers.
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David Johnson, CDSimple Geek from the '70s
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Even if you are in the field the technology is advancing by leaps and bounds such that it is almost impossible to remain current. The majority of the research is considered a company trade secret. This way the research is not published --

  Take for instance the General Motors Invisible Trailer project that has recently been made available for some pickups. This is an innovative idea that has probably caught the competition napping.  This really has nothing to do with engineering per se but more in the use of programming and display technology.
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