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Windows 10 PRO -- CLONE "base image" PC to others every 3 months ?

Does anyone have something that will allow the below step #4 ?

 1. currently a library has 20 Window 10 Pro PCs
 2. every night a software like one of the below software packages are run to REFRESH the PC back to the original IMAGE
         ** https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/customize/enterprise/unified-write-filter
         ** https://horizondatasys.com/reboot-restore-rx-pro/
         ** https://centuriontech.com/enterprise/
 3. about four times a year I manually update each of the 20 Window 10 Pro PCs with a new version
     of special locally installed LIBRARY software / etc that is not already on WSUS, Ninite, etc
 4. instead of doing the above #3 I would like to just update ONE PC,
     having the image easily CLONED to the other PCs
         ** I am willing to have everything on a HyperV VM on each PC if needed
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How, specifically, are you doing this nightly task of refreshing the image that it isn't blowing away patches deployed via WSUS, etc?  I suspect there is a gap in your methodology here and that makes answering this question a bit tough.
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I agree with Cliff. If the intention is to deploy patches on a machine which is enabled with write filtering, you should look for how to achieve this by fine tuning the patching tool.

The below MSDN link has some guidelines on how to tweak WSUS to accommodate such requests.



I believe the same approach will work on Windows 10 too but may need some adjustments and finetuning.

However, this will address only the patching part. If the requirement is to refresh every PC with a new set of software or add an additional software which was not in place, WSUS may not help. In such scenario, SCCM or similar tools which can deploy software remotely is required.

Good luck !