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restrict sftp user access

Hi Linux, Network, SFP experts,

could you please suggest, how to restrict a user sftp access

Have a linux server
Created a local user "sftpuser" on the Amazon Linux server
Since we just wanted to allow sftp access to a particualar directory
Installed required sftp packages etc and mounted a NAS drive
Now, I can sftp to this host without any issues.

My request is
1. how can I restrict this user "sftpuser" to access only a particular directory (NAS mounted path) with readwrite access
2. Is it possible to give only a readonly access (not write) to a particular directory (NAS mounted path)
3. First time it asks for host confirmation and I have to type yes, then all the subsquent login is fine wihtout prompt. So how to avoid them

kindy please help
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