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Users AD account locks out after logging into VPN

vmich asked
We a couple of users that each time they login to the VPN, their AD accounts get locked out after they login. (server 2012 R2)
So there able to login but their AD do lockout after that.
If we reset their accounts after a few minutes their AD account locks out again.
They are using Cisco VPN.
Anyone have any idea on why it keeps locking out their AD account when logging into the VPN?
If they don't login to the vpn, their AD does not ever lock.
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There are tools, the likely issue is that the user eother have stale credentials for resources saved.

Run control keymgr.dll to see stored shares/credentials.

There is a tool account lockout that can help track this down.
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We a couple of users that each time they log in to the VPN, their AD accounts get locked out after they log in. (server 2012 R2) So there able to log in but their AD does lockout after that.

I think I've seen your thread before, please keep in mind the following for troubleshooting purposes.

1- Talk to one of the users and ask them when was the last time they changed the password. If they answer " I changed it a few days ago or yesterday, then your issue lies on the credential being cached by any mapping/windows service.

2- A simple resolution for you is, ask the user for the old password and update the user object with the new old password. After that reboot the computer or anything she has and tries over. Also, if you are using exchange on your premise, tell her/him to shut off its phone/iPad to resync the credentials.