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display 2 forms

Startrac98 asked
MS Access 2016 - Need to have 2 forms shown on one Screen
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Not a lot of detail in your question but you can embed two forms, as subforms, into a main/parent form.  In this way, when the main/parent form opens both of the subforms are displayed side by side, or one above the other, etc.


Sorry, I need to split the screen Main form on top, another form underneath. independent of each other.

two forms open in Access
Something like this?
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You can simply host the 2 forms on an unrelated "master" form and show them as subforms...
No linking no nothing...just drag drop them...
Other than that Access has a feature called split form (never used it) and for more advanced you can open one form and on some event (e.g. Load or Open) open another form kind of floating...i have used it in the past to display auxiliary data.
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Basically, load the first form, then load the 2nd one.
Ensure none of them are modal.

Thank you for your quick response.