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How can I remove this arrow icon in my form?

ggodwin asked
How do I get rid of this arrow? What is it called and what is its purpose?\

See the attached picture, The arrow is circled.

How to remove arrow icon from form.
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Software & Systems Engineer
This arrow is the "Record Selector"
Right click your form -->Design View --> Properties -->Format -->Record Selectors ..switch it to No
Mark EdwardsChief Technology Officer

Every form has record selectors and record navigation bar visible by default:

If you're going to use a form as a screen and don't want the record selector bar down the side of the detail section, just go the Property Sheet in design view, as John said above, switch it to No.  Usually, if you turn off the record selector, you'll want to turn off the record navigation bar too, but that can be useful in a split form or continuous form.

In your case it looks like you have a subform on a form as a subform which is on a main form.  You'll probably want to turn off the record navigation bar for the main form and 1st subform (the one with the circled arrow), too.  It also looks like you have the record selectors visible on your main form too.  You may want to turn those off as well.
ggodwinQuality Engineer


Thanks for the help guys. I had been looking for that switch for an hour.