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Trouble pinging computer name on network

The customer has a small and simple shared networking setup consisting of a few Win 10 Pro computers.  His computer out in the warehouse is named "Gin".  The Norton firewall is set up so his computer can be accessed.  If I go to a command prompt on that computer I can "ping gin" and get the expected responses.  I can also successfully ping the IP address of this computer as "ping 192.1687.254.21".

But if I go to any of the Win 10 Pro office computers I can ping the IP address of successfully, but I cannot "ping gin".  When I try it, I get this response:

Pinging gin.Home []
Reply from Destination host unreachable.

Why does it say "gin.Home"?  Why is it showing those addresses that end in .25 and .26 instead of the .21?  How can I "ping gin" like I need to?  TIA
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can you create an image of the network with all network components...

routers, switches, PC's ... anything that is connected to and between those systems.

It would help if you put the IP addresses, netmask / gateway address  & DNS settings of each involved system. 

(DNS server / server included) with it. Also tell if DHCP is used and what the DHCP settings are.