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How to migrate from one ms ad domain to another?

There are 2 separate Windows AD Domains use in my workspace. The first one being the old one is named wac, while the new one is called corp.silk. Both domains are in 2-way trusts.

All the while we are using wac ad domain. We have the GPOs, OU, Groups defined. Besides these, we have both ms windows servers and SuSE servers joined to the domain. The wac domain is working fine. The new domain - corp.silk is newly created. In the near future, we are intend to use only this corp.silk. According to my co-worker, all the GPOs/OUs/Groups, and so on are in place as identical to wac.

Now, we started to roll out new windows server 2016 to corp.silk. Will there be any problem for the existing wac domain users to see and use this server? I just want to make sure nothing is missed out. Will there be any permissions/privilege/SID issue? How can I stimulate a test as if the corp.silk domain is without 2-way trust relationship with wac?

Thanks in advance.
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