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cannot install DOT4 usb driver

Dear Experts.

My client uses HP Laserjet 4250 with his accounting software, which requires DOT4 USB driver.  I have been able to install this printer and print from other programs, however, I need to be able to add addtional driver for the accounting software to print.
I was able to do this once by downloading DOT4x64 USB universal driver from HP, and get it going.  However, I had to re-image the PC because of malware, and now the same file, Dot4x64.msi will not run.  I tried to run it on my PC, and it runs fine.  I disabled McAfee, and still cannot run.
My PC and his PC are both Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit machines.  Is there a way to force a driver without running Dot4x64.msi?  I do see the USB designated for Laserjet 4250 in the device manager, but cannot update the driver.

Please help.
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So this won't run on the PC?

Do you see an Event Code describing why it fails?


Hello, MASQ, thank you for a quick reply.

No, not on his.  It runs on mine.
It launches, then disappears.  He is local Admin as well as Domain Admin.
I disabled McAfee, there is really nothing else running, and it was just re-imaged with Lenovo USB recovery media, so it is very clean.
That is what is very strange about it.
If I knew what are the drivers files this msi is installing, I would just copy them from my PC and do a manual Add Printer, but I can't figure it out.
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Open the .MSI with 7zip. Dot4.inf is the port driver installer, dot4prt.inf is the printer driver stub.  There's also a scanner stub driver but you probably don't need that.


Exactly what I needed to know, thank you very much!