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Form field is automatically reverting to original value

I have a website that uses coldfusion. I have a page that has a form and some input fields that are type text and have default data. If I delete the data in one input field and then go to the next field by clicking on it the data in the first field automatically reverts back to its original value.

I cannot figure out what might be causing this. Also, I have not been able to create a sample page that reproduces this error.

Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do to try and figure out what is causing this?
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Ryan Chong

8/22/2022 - Mon
Ryan Chong

Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do to try and figure out what is causing this?

few things you can verify:

1. Check if the field's value is populated via backend script?
2. Check if the values are populated and loaded from web browser's localstorage?
3. Check your web browser's setting if there's any auto-complete add-ins being used?

Thank you for your suggestions. I have tried the following:
- I added a new field in the form with a random name, same thing happened with that field
- I have  cleared my cache and that didn't help
- I have been looking through all my scripts to see if there is a function that is doing this, so far I have not found anything
- I do not have any auto-complete add-ins

Is there something that I can add that would catch when the field is being auto populated? Then perhaps I could look at the call stack to see who is doing this.
Ryan Chong

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