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Outlook O365 (Perhaps VBA?) - How to Set Zoom to 120% so that it doesn't reset back to 100%

brothertruffle880 asked
When I open and read emails in Outlook O365 (desktop) with zoom set to 100%, it's too small. I'd like the zoom to be set to 120%. Currently it's 100% and apparently resets back to 100% even after I change it. It's too small and the text is difficult to read.
How can I set this so that it never resets to 100 --unless I change a setting or change VBA code.
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Top Expert 2016
At the bottom of the preview pane, left click on the zoom percent number and a small window will pop up.  Check on the "Remember my preference" setting (see image below).

Additional info here:  Adjusting Outlook's Zoom Setting in Email