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how can I update the browser on my PlayStation 4 console?

GMartin asked
Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

           Recently, I have been receiving a message on the television screen from my PlayStation 4 (PS4) whenever I go to YouTube.com which reads as follows:  "We will stop supporting this browser soon.  For the best experience please update your browser".  Whenever I go to the link to update the browser, I have three options:  Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.  That said, I am uncertain of the default browser used by the PS4.  As such, I simply do not know which one to choose.  Given this information, could someone provide some suggestions and guidance with respect to updating the PS4 browser?  

            Thanks so much in advance for any help given to this question.

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The default browser on the PS4 is its own internal browser which is based on webkit, so you have to update it with a newer browser (chrome is very popular at this time) 


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Can I switch browsers on the PS4?

Short answer: No

Longer answer: No .........

Make sure you're running the latest updated version of the PS4 software:


The PS4 does indeed have its own web browser but despite it being built on the same open source platform that Chrome and Firefox use it's far from perfect and doesn't web plug-ins that your PC will accommodate with ease.

The bad news is you're pretty much stuck with it.  PS4 doesn't support any other browser add-ons so if the site you're visiting doesn't support the PS4 browser and you can't change the settings within the browser itself there's not much you can do about it.

Might be worth looking to see if the same site has a mobile version though as that will have lower web-browser requirements.

David's link should help you with tweaking where possible to meet the website's requests.


Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

          Thank you for your suggestions and links.  Within the integrated system tools of the PS4, I was able to check for system updates which indicated that I am running the most current ones.  Seeing that the message suggesting to update the browser is not interfering with the actual performance or functionality of my internet experience on the PS4, I decided to simply refrain from any sort of technical tweaking or customizations.  If it does become a significant problem, I will reopen this issue and follow up with some technical intervention.