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Subform - calling procedure

pdvsa asked
Hi Experts,

Is the below correct code to reference a subform: subfrmProjects_Extended_List
I get a syntax error.
The code below is on a button on the Parent but I have added a subform and the [BuyCP] is now on the subform.

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmProjectDetails".subfrmProjects_Extended_List, acFormDS, , , , , OpenArgs:=Me.Buy_CP

Thank you
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Software Team Lead
DoCmd.OpenForm can only open the main form, not the sub form
Mark EdwardsChief Technology Officer
You can only assign the name of a subform to the .SourceObject property of the subform control on the main form.  That's how you "open" a subform.
pdvsaProject finance



I didnt ask the question correctly.  I will ask another question.