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Online MS Office 2013 Repair Not finding Internet Connection, but it's there.

I posted another question about encountering some odd behavior in MS Access 2013  EE member suggested repairing my Office 2013 Professional install.

I ran the Quick Repair and the issue persisted so now I am trying to run online repair.  When I try to run it I am getting a message that 'Internet connection is needed' error code 30094-9.  My internet connection is alive and well.

There is  a link in the displayed error message "If you think you are connected , you can get online to get more help."  When I click the link, nothing happens.

There is another link "go online for additional help'.  Nothing happens when I click that link either.

Any idea what is going on, or how to get arounb this?
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Arana (G.P.)

8/22/2022 - Mon
John Tsioumpris

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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)

 So your able to get out to the internet (ie. call up a Google page?).

  I would wait a bit and try again if you have not already.  The problem may not be you or your internet connection, just that the Microsoft servers can't be reached for some reason and you are getting a generic error message.

  I would also try turning off any anti-virus/firewall in case they are getting in the way.  Make sure you turn them back on as soon as you are done.


Arana (G.P.)

Is this computer from your work? any chance it was configured somewhere else to use a proxy server?
try this command from cmd console window:

Netsh winhttp show proxy

see if it says direct connection
if there is a proxy there, you will have to clear it

netsh winhttp reset

Jim: Yes I can get anywhere on the internet.  I'll wait but it's still happening.

arana: Shows as direct connection
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William Peck
Arana (G.P.)

when you are trying to repair , if it is asking your for administrator credentials, does the administrator account have access to internet?, are you using the administrator profile? Maybe you have internet access but administrator does not and you are trying to get online with administrator account.