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MS Access Using a Key for Multiple Selections

Startrac98 asked
MS Access 2016 - I have a LIST BOX and the user wants to be able to Select multiple entries using the SHIFT Key. Example -1 to 100 entries.  He wants to select 20 to 30 with the shift key, and 50 to 55, etc.
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Software & Systems Engineer
No need for Shift...just change the option of Listbox to MultiSelect (simple)
Design View --select the ListBox -->Properties --"Other" Tab --> MultiSelect --Simple or Extended(Extended wants SHIFT)
Thank you very Much.
Jim Dettman (EE MVE)President / Owner
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As John said, turn on the Multi-Select.  Then it's standard Windows key's.

1. Click first,hold shift, click on last.

2. Use Ctrl To select/un-select individual entires, etc.

 With multi select on, you'll need to use the Selected property to determine which have been selected for processing: