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Exchange 2016 (DAG) ECP ( 400) BAD Request error

P V asked
Hi guys

I am getting below message in ECP & OWA after updating an SSL certificate  in ( Exchange 2016 DAG)
i remove & re-create ECP & OWA virtual directory  but no luck. please advice

Exchange ECP & OWA Error
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Please check ECP/OWA settings
Get-ecpVirtualDirectory | FL Identity,name,*URL*,*auth*
Get-owaVirtualDirectory | FL Identity,name,*URL*,*auth*

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Try disabling form based auth as well.
Saif ShaikhServer engineer


make sure that the authentication methods used by OWA and ECP are matching this is done by running the following

> Get-owavirtualdirectory | fl

make sure that you using “Form based Authentication” and “Basic Authentication”

do the same with ECP using the following command line

> Get-ECPVirtualDirectory | fl

If not then you just need to reconfigure the Authentications on both Virtual Directories, DONNOT use IIS use Exchange Management Shell.

For owa use the following

>Set-owavirtualdirectory -identity “owa <Default Web site>” -FormsAuthentication:$true

use the same also for ECP

>Set-ecpvirtualdirectory -identity “ecp <Default Web site>” -FormsAuthentication:$true

then restart your iis services using the following


once finished try to access your ECP page again and it should work now

You may also try:

  1. Login to your Exchange 2016 CAS server
  2. Start the Exchange Management Shell
  3. Navigate to your Exchange 2016 binaries location, for example:C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Bin\
  4. Execute the UpdateCas.ps1 Windows PowerShell script and wait a few moments.
    This script will rebuild your OWA interface.

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Thanks for you Response..  i had solve it myself,

There was some issue in IIS Bindings.  after applying new SSL certificates, there was some binding issue was there but now everything is fine. that again for your help & response