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Slow SMB Connections with Windows 10 on a HP Computer

We currently just purchased 10 new HP Pro 310 All in Ones for our sites.  These computers serve as a server in a client server environment using SMB file transfer.  For some reason only on these machines is the transfer so slow that they can hardly be used effectively.  I have turned off all Firewalls and Virus Protections.  The computers have 1 TB hard drive space with 8gb of Memory.  I have tried everything I know, but nothing helps.  I did some research and SMB packet signing is disabled in Regedit.
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Check ping performance, review DNS, download wireshark or Microsoft network monitor and start either application and perform file transfer save capture and review SMB traffic.

Windows Netmon 3.4




Thank you.  It was an issue with the server itself.  I had to reset the PC and it works fine.