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Do I need to backup our SharePoint files

We are looking to move files from our on premises file servers to SharePoint.  We want to have 100% cloud storage over the next year or so. Moving files to SharePoint would be our first step into that process.  

Do I need to backup the SharePoint files/folders to Azure?  I know SharePoint has revision history so users can see previous versions of files in case a file gets overwritten by mistake.  

Does SharePoint have a recycle bin for deleted files?

Does Microsoft provide redundancy for our SharePoint site in case they (Microsoft) have a failure?  

Any comments/suggestions about using SharePoint for file storage is appreciated.  

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Thanks Adam. I will look further into this but you have answered my questions.

The end user is _always_ responsible for backing up their data no matter where the data lies.

Veeam Backup & Replication for Office 365 is the best for that.