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Haywire Power Settings Locking up Windows 10 computers

Is Microsoft adjusting power settings to meet their carbon footprint goals?  and if so, why aren't they telling us?

The power options not working on updated newer high-end Dell Microsft Windows 10 Pro machines is alarming.  I have run firmware updates, adjust all power settings possible, run multiple virus scans and still I have computers "locking up" at some interval after being left idle.  Users can't login to continue work from home.  Users can't resume work when returning to the computer in person...computer is clearly powered on, even shows available for remote connection, BUT no keyboard or mouse input is received, only hard boot power down and back up brings the computer back to a working state.  Frustratingly, it is hard to duplicate or troubleshoot, because the computers work perfectly after the hard boot.  More frustrating, this does not happen on a set interval and I can't find anything indicative in the Event logs.  More frustrating still...it isn't happening to all computers.  I have narrowed it to Windows 10 computers, but not all Windows 10 computers.  It seems to be with ssd drives, but other clients have same builds with no issues.

This has become an increasingly disruptive problem.  Could it be Microsoft using hidden power "updates" could manufacturers be "in on it"?
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it seems like many devices are becoming "deep sleepers" after years of normal operation. My Brother printer is now "deep sleeping" instead of just sleeping after 2 years sitting on the desk as a normal usb connected device.  There are instructs for changing or possibly disabling this, but we didn't make that setting change...so doesn't it have to be a windows update or some other update?
this post is from Microsoft Community and at least makes me think I'm not going crazy...but also doesn't offer any hope of resolving this issue.
 backs up my crazy theory. ..."Why Does Windows 10 Keep Changing My Power Settings?"

At best, changing settings in Control Panel Power Management advanced settings should control things, but even disabling USB selective suspend, does NOT UNcheck the Device Manager options for USB hubs and Human Interface Devices and System>IEMI Power management options to allow for computer to turn off device to save power.  And worse, after changing all of these settings on the problematic computers, others with none of those settings changed are acting completely fine/normal as they have for years with the normal power settings changes to not hibernate or sleep and to turn of monitor after a few hours...

**How does one further troubleshoot something like this?  is there an audit tool for events?  If so, does the OS even believe there is a problem or event, and so would it even bother to document it?  You can probably tell I'm getting frustrated so any help would be great.  I've shared all the things that Dell Techs have offered and that I've found on internet tech board searches.

I am going to try the "Don't Sleep" utility highly rated by CNET editors to see if I can at least take control via a 3rd party utility.  Please help if you can...
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