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Fiddling with Visual Studio made it angry and now prject won't build.

original error causing showing upHello,

A strange problem popped up on Visual Studio 2019 today.  Both Projects were created recently in VS2019 vb.net

1) Project A built and working no problem on my machine and everyone else's machines.  It includes a reportview v 15.0.
2) Project B needed a new report made but I wanted to make it a local report (populated with data that was already queried and brought down from the server and residing in a dataset).  I couldn't remember how to do this so I was fiddling with some of the settings in VS 2019 for THAT project and THAT report.  So I thought...

3) When I return to Project A I get a "required privilege is not held by the client" error when executing the reportviewer1.refresh command.  Everything else in the program seems to be working fine.  Earlier versions of Project A produce the same error BUT ONLY ON MY COMPUTER.  Everybody elses works just fine.  I broke something somewhere but I have no idea where to start looking.

Any ideas are welcome.  I've already flushed out the bin, reset VS settings, Reloaded the reportviewer references, and now the project won't build at all.  Got worse as I tried to fix it....

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Well this is interesting.  It must be something in Windows 10 as several other applications that have been fine for a year or two cannot load the report.  Something aint right.  :(
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first check the output window of VS whether it tells more especially which privilege failed.

if no more info check the event viewer (eventvwr.exe) whether it has reported the error.

you also could try to invoke visual studio 'as administrator'.  if this would work, i would guess that some report settings are stored in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE area of the registry where 'normal' users don't have access to,

also check the file security settings. if you copied the resources from a server, it still might have some access restrictions which you were not aware of.

finally use the visual studio file search for searching of all occurences where the report (file) was referenced. best use *.* as file extension filter. it might possible that you have references which still are pointing to the old locations or which were using drive letters that are currently not mpped.

Great ideas.  I ended up reinstalling/repairing VS and the problem disappeared.  Guessing it was in the registry as programs totally outside VS failed too.  I saw win 10 updated while I wasnt looking, that may have had an influence too.  Gads, 6 hours of life I'll never get back.