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Creating a shortcut to users start menu pointing to a folder on application server.

We have windows 2012 DC and windows 10 workstation.

On the APPSvr-1 we have a share called Applications and this drive gets mapped as “S ”drive  when any user log into the workstations.

On this share I have created a folder \\ APPSvr-1\Applications\ Fin\Fin Revision

Within the Fin Revision folder, there are many MP3files saved on this folder.

For every users, I would like to create a shortcut pointing to Fin Revision folder where and the MP3 files.

On all the windows workstation I can see the folder “Fin Revision” under
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Fin\Fin Revision

But there are no MP3 files within the Fin Revision folder.

Please see the snapshot of the GPO that has be set up and let me know if I am missing any settings.
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