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Need an external hard drive software to fix drive that is inaccesible

mkramer777 asked
I have a western digital my passport external hard drive that is having issues.  It takes forever to show up as a drive and when I click on a folder on the drive it takes up to 10 minutes to access.  I'm sure it is damaged in some way.  Windows 10 drive fix cannot fix the problem.  Are there any programs out there that could analyze AND fix the drive?  I know there are file recovery software but that is not what I'm looking for at this time.  I need a software to fix the drive so it is accessible.
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System Administrator
Distinguished Expert 2018
Once the HDD is having issues I would not trust it and I would consider replacing.

However, if you want to test the HDD, download the vendor HDD scan tool ( Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic) and see.
Does the diagnostics tool repair or only diagnose?
Hello ThereSystem Administrator
Distinguished Expert 2018
It definitely diagnoses errors.  

You can run chkdsk to fix them.
Does the diagnostics tool repair or only diagnose?

I believe it only provides diagnostics, but I could be wrong I haven't used it in years

IMO "Hello There" provided sound advice. When these drives start acting up they can become unpredictable usability of stored files becomes questionable.

I could be a corruption issue. If it is, reformatting the drive may resolve your issue, but I'd use it with caution.

Personally, I'd just replace it and move on