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GP: Setting the Name of the PDF That is E-Mailed

Software Engineer
Software Engineer asked

A Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 end user is on Outlook 2016.  When she e-mails sales invoices in PDF to customers from GP, the file name of the PDF is a long "drawn out" name beginning with the following path: c:\username\appdate\local.

She said that, prior to about a year ago, the file name was much shorted and simply composed of "obvious data" such as the invoice number.  She does not know if a recent upgrade or anything along those lines could have caused this change.

Is there a way of setting the format of the e-mailed file name of the PDF, or will this situation require say an upgrade to Office 365?

Thank you!

Software Engineer
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Owner / Dynamics GP Consultant
That is usually just a display issue inside of Outlook. The recipient will not see that - they will just see the actual file name which is CompanyName_InvoiceNumber. Usually if you grab the file from the email and drag it to your desktop it will show the "correct" file name.

I think this was caused by an Outlook update, as this was definitely not how it behaved a number of years ago, but once it's like that I have not found a way to change it. Again, that crazy file name should only be internal to the sender's Outlook.

Hope that helps.
Thank you, Victoria!  I found that you are 100% correct!