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SQL Index Fragmentation - Important or Not?

I'm looking at database monitoring and seeing that nearly all of our SQL databases report a high degree of fragmentation in their indexes. 99.8-99.9% fragmented is not uncommon. Can this play significantly into poorer performance for database interactions from .NET web servers which integrate with SQL?
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Database Administrator / Software Engineer

Yes, fragmented indexes can slow things down.
I highly recommend that you reorg both your indexes and tables that are fragmented.


    Tomas Helgi
lcohanDatabase Analyst
Physical fragmentation is in particular very bad however overall fragmentation depends on many factors (including FILLFACTOR) and of you don't have your own maintenance SQL code already you can have a look at Ola's advice/scripts that can be found here https://ola.hallengren.com/sql-server-index-and-statistics-maintenance.html and I believe are pretty much trusted and used across Microsoft SQL server community.